Friday, September 14, 2012


Dear Ladies! Today I would like to introduce Roberta a wonderful 40 years old woman. 40 red roses are the symbol of this important target: TO BE 40 YEARS OLD!  We are proud to be 40, because it's the beginning of a new life and we  ready to afford the world with the experience done during the way. Our blog has been created by women over 40!!!! I took a picture of an article published in the magazine "F" by Cairo publisher..... I want to prod you! It's shameful that we are in a developped and emancipated country and something like this, is still happenning! Read this article ...... ( I will translate in english please click see you more)
Your comments are agreed!

Care Ladies! Oggi voglio presentarvi Roberta, una meravigliosa quarantenne. 40 rose rosse sono il simbolo che rappresenta il raggiungimento di questo importante traguardo: COMPIERE 40 ANNI! Siamo orgogliose di avere 40 anni, perchè è l'inizio di una nuova vita e siamo in grado di affrontare il mondo con l'esperienza maturata durante il nostro viaggio. Qui di seguito vi allego un articolo tratto dal magazine "F" di Cairo Editore.... Voglio provocarvi! E' vergognoso che in un paese civilizzato ed emancipato come il nostro si debbano leggere cose come queste. Leggete questo articolo...... 
I vostri commenti sono molto graditi!


Dear Director,
I'm a gynaecologist and I read magazine for women -  it's a part of my job. I am 53 years old, keen of sport, dynamic and obviously rich. I have been working in this field for 27 years and I know very well the WOMAN. I would like to argue about an article I read, in which some very aggressive women where against middle aged man because always looking for young women. It's a matter of fact which will repeat for ever from the past to the future, it's the human nature. I'm explaining to you. The man becomes mature later than the woman. Lots of young women are ready since the adolescence to a responsible and serious relationship. Men instead prefer to play with their friend and mostly they don't want to be linked to a love affair or a relationship. It's normal that at the age of 40-45 a man is stimulated to have a relation with a younger woman much more attractive and interesting of his wife. It's something that I tell you from a point of view  professional and personal. I married a woman who was at the same age, we had 2 wonderful sons but at the age of 45 when I was sexualy mature I wanted to have close to me a woman uninhibited and willing. Instead my wife was (as the nature is) fighting with the menopause and cellulite. It's normal that a man looks somewhere else. Speaking truly I underline that a man and a woman have a different evolution. The women 50 years old who are looking for a man are ridiculous. Maybe you will never published my letter but I am telling the truth....

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